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Administrative Districts

Lamphun province is divided into 8 districts (Amphoe), 51 Sub-districts (Tambol), 575 villages 1 Provincial Administrative Organisation, 1 City Municipality, 38 Sub-district  Municipalities, and 18 Sub-district  Administrative Organisations.

The Administration

The province of Lamphun consists of various administrative offices in the area;

  1. Central Administrative Bodies in Lamphun consist of 33 offices and 11 offices of State Enterprises.
  2. Provincial Administrative Bodies are the provincial offices of various ministries and departments. There are 32 offices of this type.
  3. Local Administrative Bodies include 1 Provincial Administrative Office, 1 Lamphun City Municipality, 38 Sub-district  Municipalities and 18 Sub-district  Administrative Organisations.

Political Constituencies

According to the rules with regards to elections in the Constitution 2007, it is the duty and responsibility of the Electoral Commission to hold elections. New regulations were issued by the Electoral Commission with regards to new constituencies. Previously, Lamphun had only one constituency with the whole provincial area as its sole constituency. At present, there are two constituencies. Each constituency produces one member of the House of Representatives. There are five individuals in Lamphun Electoral Commission and they are responsible for elections. Their office is located at Lamphun Community Hall. Districts in each constituency are as follows;

Constituency 1:  Mueang Lamphun, Mae Tha and Ban Thi districts.
Constituency 2:  Pa Sang, Ban Hong, Tung Hua Chang, Lee and Wiang Nong Long districts.