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Lamphun : 1,300 Years of Civilization

olg_city2Lamphun is a province with a history stretching back more than 1,300 years, making in the most ancient in the Northern region, and earning it the name of the first city of Lanna. Even though Lamphun is the smallest of the provinces in the Lanna region, it has a lot of interesting attractions not least of which are the ancient remains and archaeological sites which make it an excellent destination for historical tourism. Natural tourist attractions still in an ecologically pristine state include DoiKhunTanNational Park in Mae Tha district and MaePingNational Park in Lee district

Beyond this, the people of Lamphun continue to lead a traditional way of life, preserving their culture and the artistic knowledge and skills of the villagers which have been handed down for many generations. This varied and interesting artistic inheritance includes making silk brocade, weaving cotton by hand and wood carving. Logan orchards are another important part of the Province, producing the best varieties in the country and the tastiest longan fruit in the world. Furthermore, Lamphun is a gateway to the other provinces in the North, and maybe this will be the factor that leads many more people to discover the province had to offer. Perhaps Lamphun can best be compared to an uncut gemstone waiting  for people to join together and fashion it to reveal its true beauty and increase its value even further.



Provincial Seal


Seal Lamphun. As relics Hariphunchai. According to legend, built around In the 17th century, the kings of the dynasty Phraya Atityarad  Chamathewi Wong. That appears to enshrine relics on the land in the district court. The nature of the relics. The castle is rectangular. Is renovated many times, many years later. Change the shape of a round pagoda Lankan style. A major restoration in 1990 B.E., in the Phrajao Tilokkarad King of Chiangmai the construction of the Phra Maha Chedi. Is 92 feet higher than that seen today.

As relics Hariphunchai. Lamphun is the remains of a very sacred. The traditional bathing relics Hariphunchai. Eight Penge in or directly on the 15th day of the 6th lunar month every year.