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Development strategy


“A City of Happiness based on the Philosophy of Sufficiency”

A City of Happiness would imply that the people of Lamphun acquire good quality of life in four aspects;

  1. Physical Health- one would be able to know their own physical conditions.
  2. Mental Health- one would be able to know their own mental conditions.
  3. Social Relations- refer to the relations between oneself and others.
  4. Environment- one is aware of environment that affects one’s life.



1. Social and Security: Develop Lamphun to become a balanced society full of happiness, peace and strength. Knowledge bases, traditions and local wisdoms are to be connected in all dimensions of society.

2. Economy: Encourage economic development within the province towards green and creative economy in agricultural, industrial, tourism and handi-industrial sectors. Traditions and cultures are to be the foundation for creating additional values on products and services that correspond to the needs of the market. The production base is to be environment-friendly with no negative impact on the lives and biodiversity of communities.  

3. Natural Resources and Environment: Conserve, restore and strengthen the balance of the foundations of natural resources and environment of the province on the bases of participation involving local wisdom and knowledge and community management approach. These are developmental tools to ensure efficiency, transparency and fairness. 

4. Administration and Management: Develop the system of administration and management of the capability of the provincial personnel so that they are efficient and of good quality. Emphases is to be on the integration of administration and true participation of the people to build trust and confidence among the people. The competitiveness is also to be increased under the context of change.  



To develop society, economy and natural resources and environment using cultures as the foundation for development connecting all dimensions leading to a city of culture and happiness.



There are five types of products of the project. Each has its own specific number.

  1. Refers to the economic aspect
  2. Refers to the social and quality of life aspect
  3. Refers to the resources and nature aspect
  4. Refers to the maintenance of security and peace aspect
  5. Refers to the administration and management aspect  


Strategic Points

There are 5 strategic points.

Strategy 1: Strategy for the Development of Society, Quality of Life and Security

Strategic Plan 1: Improve quality of life and reinforce social strengths

Strategic Plan 2: Develop the administration and management system for communities based on the philosophy of sufficiency economy.  

Strategic Plan 3: Reinforce security and safety to ensure a quality society.


Strategy 2: Strategy for the development of industry and community economy to a creative and green economy.

Strategic Plan 1: Increase the efficiency and encourage the development of industry to production base that is environment-friendly.

Strategic Plan 2 : Increase competitive capabilities with regards to agricultural processing industry based on the local knowledge, creativity and wisdom.

Strategic Plan 3 : Reinforce the strengths and capabilities of community economy.

Strategic Plan 4 : Prepare the economy for the ASEAN Community.


Strategy 3: Strategy to support and develop agriculture towards a safe agricultural city.

Strategic Plan 1 : Develop potentials and increase capabilities in the production of safe agricultural products.

Strategic Plan 2 : Improve efficiency and create added values to safe agricultural products to accommodate market demands of all levels.


Strategy 4: Strategy for the development of Lamphun toward a city of culture and tourism in a balanced and sustainable ways.

Strategic Plan 1 : Support the processes of improvement and maintenance of characters of cultural heritage through participation.  

Strategic Plan 2 : Conserve, rehabilitate and manage the knowledge of cultural heritage systematically to prepare cultural heritage to acquire the status as world heritage.

Strategic Plan 3 : Develop and rehabilitate tourist attractions to be of good quality and sustainable.

Strategic Plan 4 : Creation of confidence and development of creative tourism on the foundation of local society and culture.


Strategy 5 : Conserve and rehabilitate natural resources and environment and integrative water management.

Strategic Plan 1 : Conserve and rehabilitate and the way natural resources and environment are  being used for our benefits.

Strategic Plan 2 : Increase capabilities and potentials of communities so that they are strengthened when it comes to maintaining environmental quality.

Strategic Plan 3 : Encourage an integrative water management to support agriculture, reduce problems of flooding and draught.