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Wat Phra That Hariphunchai


Hariphunchai relics. The historic importance of the city Hariphunchai. Built  around the 17th century, to enshrine relics. Legend has it that in the relics. The pagoda is a square castle. Through an lobbying to have all four sides. Castle square in the corner of each one. Laterite. Within a platform for the urn containing Buddha relics. Phraya Mengrai on the city’s Hariphunchai. Please give the Lord a new pair, modification changes the shape of the Lord is round the base of the pagoda Lanka. Later, around 1990 B.E., Phra Chao Tilokarat the king of the city of Chiangmai with Maha Chedi Phra Maha Metungkorn Tera rise as high as 92 feet, 52 cubits wide, long shape that it is today. Design and construction of the arch decorated with frescoes and four current balance of just the arch north east and the south. Hariphunchai relics are relic of the people born in the Year of the Rooster, and is one of eight countries of CentralTower.


Gu Chang – Gu Ma



Near Wat Kai Kaeo community is a small community.In Lamphun. Gu Chang – Gu Ma area LamphunMunicipality has a gazebo and gardens. Usually the Lamphun.




Ban Nong Chang Kune


There are variety of Phra Ratchaya Chao Dararatsamee. Taken from Bangkok to Wat Nong Chang Kuen planted hundreds of years ago. And the varieties that yield well. I called Lamyai Ton Muen.

Then expanded to the areas in the vicinity of Muang District Tombol Umong  and Tambol Rim Ping. LamYai Tom Muen until now for the break down. Deteriorate over time. Tambol Umong route and Tambol Rim Ping have fruit garden, located on both sides of the road. Visitors can stop to it. Especially in season longan fruit.



Hariphunchai National Museum



The exhibit artifacts from Hariphunchai. Early inscriptions of Lanna, the character Fuk Kham. There are also various Buddha statue. In considered a masterpiece of art that should not be missed. The museum is located in the heart of Lamhun, not far from Wat Phra That Hariphunchai.



Wat Chamathewi



As relics. The historical significance. And archeology of the Lamphun. Especially Phra Chedi Ku Kut, which is found at this temple. The octagonal pagoda is the oldest. Architecture and a prototype of Hariphunchai.




Wat Phra Yeun



The old temple has a pagoda, an important feature is different from that found in Lamphun. The former is temple of Phra Sumontera traveling from Sukhothai. Lanka Wong to propagate Buddhism in contemporary Lanna Phra Chao Kue Na.



Wat Mahawan



An ancient temple. In the Queen era Chamathewi. When I first came to dominate Hariphunchai.

Is one of the four corners of the city. Located west of the city Hariphunchai. Building new temples were built and it remains the same, but the measure is widely recognized as a source of the Phra Rod and Phra Rod Luang.




Kua Moong Tha Sing & Wieng Yong Community



The ideal to walk. Or take a pedicab tour lifestyle in the community, old temple, Yok Dok Fabric Crafts, a native of Tambol Wieng Yong.





Khruba Srivichai Monument & Sudeva Monument

kruba_srivichaiKhruba Srivichai is the merit of Lanna, Which is a respected person. The province has an idol at the entrance to the city for the faithful to pray for the pass. The monument, which has a height of 21 meters, a width of 18 meters, on located at Wat Doi Ti.

Near the Khruba Srivichai Monument is a bronze statue Sudeva, sit cross-legged position. Enshrined in the shelter model. According to legend, the city was listed as the Hariphunchai. And invite her Chamathewi Lavo Dominate the city center. It is also considered as the foundation of Buddism.



Chamathewi Monoment


Located in the heart of Lamphun. Placed in a high pedestal about two feet on the ground level 2.4 meter high bronze statue dressed as a king. She posted in the stands. Her hand touched the end of the long sword. Right hand extended out in front. Exposed brick patio area is spacious Walled. The walls are decorated with tiles from clay and technicians. Behind the monument is brown imitation stone wall Dvaravati art.



Mae Tha Wood Carving Village


Sala Mae Tha, the spiritual successor to all villages with a wood carving of a stag ancestors for over 2000 years. Wood a rain tree. Supplying traditional  industrial arts in the world. All home furnishings, jewelry and souvenirs.

The carved wood. All home residents. And a large factory. Most of the carved wooden dolls, flower and fish, but the order you can visit the sculpture, which was carves out of the house every day from 08:00 to 17:00 and purchases.




Doi Khuntan Natinal Park


The park is famous. The traveling by train must get off at the train station Khuntan. A tour of Doi Khuntan Natinal Park is different from the other park. I can be a reached by train.

Doi Khuntan is the culmination of Doi Khuntan, 1,373 meters high above sea level. Is called Mon Song Kong is cool. Pine trees with mountains. The route to the summit of Doi Khun Tan pedestrian. A total distance of 4.5 kilometers. Park has a walk path study. Natural way t o clear the path.



Khuntan Tunnel


The longest railway tunnel and is highest in Thailand. With a length of 1352.12 meters above sea level and 550 meters. Located in the National Park Doi Khuntan. Construction began on the 2450 B.E., Census in 2461 B.E., which took a long time to build up. By a German engineer named Emil Eisenhofer controls the whole construction.





Tha Chomphu Bridge


Lamphun was called Sapan Kaow those traveling by train. Bangkok – Chiangmai to bridge this morning before going to Thailand. Beautiful scenery. The point is that the train has cleared the mountain complex. Close to your destination. Tha Chomphu Bridge have access to a car. Take the same way. Doi Khuntan National Park is a scenic drive.

The bridge was constructed in 2462 B.E., is white. Unlike the other bridge. A reinforced concrete structure is 87.3 meters long, Sapan Kaow spanning the Mae Nam Tha in the middle of an open field.


Holy wells Doi Khamor

holy_wells_doi_ka_morA small pond. In a hollow stone is about 3 feet deep. With cords and iron staircase leading down to the water. Women within fence around it. Believed to cause the water to dry up. Visitors visit the area just outside. Unable to draw water. But Doi Khamor agency practice with the holy water of the Arts is stored in a container at the entrance visitors have to sacrifice your fortune.





Wat Phra That Doi Wieng


Another route is an ancient temple on the Lamphun – Ban Thi. The Pra That Doi Wieng environment is dominated by deciduous forests. Located in a low hill. Temple of the Lord went up from the rear line of about 400 meters, which is paved with smooth stones and soil compaction. Once up to a small plateau with the ruins of ancient pagodas and pavilions enshrined Phra Dum Din.

Phra That Doi Wieng a tower height of about 10 meters, the small square. Width about three meters, brick shaped like a pagoda in Myanmar.


Phra That Doi Hang Baat



Ban Sai Tai is located approximately 9 kilometers from Ban Thi District. At the village of Sai Tai you can see Phra That Doi Hang Baat right. The white pagoda is a tetrahedron. There are tiered golden pinnacle. No evidence as to when. Legend has it that by the modern era, the Buddha came to this hill and come out alms to save mankind from sin. Whose native language is known as the bowl turns a clue Hang Baat, Hang Baat Shale is a deep hole and cover the Buddha. The element of this is on top of the hill overlooking the lower range.



Wat Sri Don Chai


It is located at Wilson Moo 10 Ban Thi District. Can travel along highway 11 between mile 76-77. To 2 kilometers. This temple is 59 feet high Buddha posture Buddha is the highest and largest in the region. Built on the faith of the people. In the year a charity. On the occasion of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. He reigned 50 years, and he was a king called Phra Phutta Chaloemsirirat.




Wat Phra Phutta Baat Tak Pha



The temple is a famous temple of Lamphun. With a history dating back as far as the Queen ChamaThewi. However, the current temple buildings were reconstructed. Not more than 50 years.





Wat Nong Ngoek


A small temple in the village of Nong Ngoek have little drive to visit the village. Either side of the old wooden houses and farm garlic.

Triple Wat Nong Ngoek different from that found in Lamphun Myanmar is an art form. Is currently locked. Drilling small squares. For runs up the stairs. The walss of the building, the ground floor has a Buddha murals. And wild creatures.



The Dhamma Park Gallery



This is a work of art. And creative work of the artist. Surrounded by tranquil gardens in longan. Not very far from the Pasand Market. For those who love art and nature.





Handicraft village Ban Nong Ngoek


A small village. Woven cotton fabric to sew a cotton products. And various dolls. You can visit the weaving village of Ban Nong Ngoek, the route traverses the village. The old houses are scattered.

Other products from cotton. Be a maid or shop. The fabric was sewn into pillowcases, Box of toilet paper, Napkin, Doormat, Send to store that sells Pasang District.




Pasang Market



Pasang Market now quite lonely. Unlike 20 years ago. However, I still have not said cotton, Craft, many stores. The district is filled with old buildings lining.





Wat Phra Chao Saliem Wan



Travel along Highway 106 (Lamphun – Lee) turn at Km 113 of Ban Hong Luang, This temple is about 4 kilometers to the beautiful. Built in 2484 B.E., Phra Chao Saleam Wan enshrined within the temple, which was carved from neem wood. The worship of the people.



Tham Erawan


Be in on short hill, surround go to with the forest. Cave entrance has the character resembles large-sized deep hole down goes to underground. Within the cave has no the electricity, have the route passes a room and cave all hall, the distance about 300 the meters, and must turn back come out the way originally. Within the cave has nine dot stalactite, but that pretty most stay between 6-9 dot, there are various kinds stalactites, scale of a crystal fish, beautiful glittering.




Tham Luang Pha Wieng


Is large-sized cave where is a famous of Lamphun province. Be in on Doi Tham Luang in the area Ban Wang Luang. Within the cave has beautiful many stalactite. Villagers calls that Thum Luang, which be the name calls come to since, while, meet the cave, because the word is that “Luang” in north language translate that big and the cave is in the area Pha Wieng, then be famous than Tham Luang Pha Wieng.

Tham Luang Pha Wieng, be large-sized long cave arrives at 500 the meter, within have complicated hall arriver at eight room.


Wat Phra That Duang Deaw


Be temple the small-sized, stay on not far hill from many city extremely, the buildings in a temple and the Buddha’s relics entirely establish to come to later, not exceed old 80 year, by build on city ancient position originally.

Buddha’s relics one pagoda is the pagoda that establishes new is angle shape, slim figure is erect and tall, tall about 30 the meter, build cover pagoda until originally with nothing left pagoda old clue.




Wat Phra That Ha Duang


Buddha’s relics atmosphere area is calm are shady, know go abroad a balcony will see rice farm and mountain widespread out of sigh range.

Within crooked balcony has the pagoda stays five, there is big the chairman is in the middle, small-sized pagoda that four both of corner, the base is the base chopping block the square overlaps to  support square shape tall bas, pagoda character makes a bell has small-sized, be shape slim pagoda.




Wat Phra Phutta Baat Huay Thom


Within a temple has the area is well-know very, there are a lot of large-sized grate buildings, such as, Buddha’s footprint temple, Buddha’s relics. This temple is that respect to believe in of the Karen Ban Huay Tom, which be large-sized community has to arrive at 1,200 a family. It will not come to worship Buddha’s relics. Karen also view life. It also houses a unique style and dress, and Clothing Shop Karen, satchel etc.

Buddha’s footprint trace, be crumpled the 1×2 meter size, place adjoin, Buddha’s pagoda relics.



Mae Ping National Park


Attractions in Mae Ping National Park lined the route in 1087 (Lee-Ban Goh). The government is allocated to people affected by the dam, Bhumibol. No tourist spots around the area, mainly dipterocarp forests. Activities include rafting along the Ping River Bhumibol dam, Canoeing, Hiking to large limestone waterfalls, See bird, Study natural forest. 




Yok Dok Fabric




  Handiweaving Cloth, Fine crafts are specific unique.





Safety Food Processing Group



Source of food security of the Lamphun established a large community-based groups such as the selection of women cooperative groups pickled fish Bandongnuea.