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Festival & Events


ti-1 Eco-tourism

Peacock viewing at night (grow rice for peacocks)

Date/Time: Between November- February 
Venue: Srivijaya Subdistrict, Lee District 
Remark: Srivijaya Subdistrict Municipality



ti-3Wood carving and Product Showcase from Mae Ta District

The Wood carving and Product Showcase from Mae Ta District is usually held at the beginning of February. Wood carving products and various other products from Mae Ta are sold at low prices. Villagers there are famous for their wood carving products. Wood carving began there. The event is held in the form of a walking street.

Date/Time: The beginning of February  
Venue: Ta Tung Luang Municipal Stadium
Remark: Ta Tung Luang Subdistrict Municipality Tel. 053-574775


ti-4Woven Fabrics of Lamphun Festival 

Lamphun is famous for woven fabrics which have been passed on from generations to generations since the ancient court of Lamphun. It is one of many cultural heritage of Lamphun. The festival is called “Walk over the covered bridge, wear Toh fabric and take a look at wonderful products from Lamphun’. In the festival, there is a performance called ‘Chatuthara Wai Sa Haripoonchai’ as well as brocade fabric fashion show, exhibition on the history of brocades at Ton Kaew Temple Museum, Demonstration of the makings of local products from Lamphun for instance, the process of removing seeds from raw cotton, cotton spinning and cotton weaving and Miss Woven Fabric Contest etc. You will have a chance to buy products made from woven fabrics. 

Date/Time: Between February and April (You may call Wiang Yong Subdistrict Municipality up to enquire about the specific details of the festival)
Venue: At Ta Singha Covered Bridge (opposite Phra That Hariphunchai Temple)
Remark: Wiang Yong Subdistrict Municipality Tel. 053-560988



ti-6Lanna Giant Drums and Wai Sa Phra Buddha Bata Tak Pha  

The festival “Lanna Giant Drums and Wai Sa PHra Buddha Bata Tak Pha” was first held in 2001 with the aim of preserving Lanna cultures. The word ‘Sa’ means worship in the Northern dialect. In the festival, there are parades including Phon Leb traditional dance, Giant Water Bowl (Salung Luang), Sacred Water and the official parade with Sabad Chai and Mong Cherng Drums. These parades begin from the entrance to the temple into the Ubosot in order to bathe the Buddha’s footprints with sacred water in accordance with the tradition. Moreover, there are drum contests involving Sabad Chai, Mong Cherng and Luang Drums as well as other forms of entertainment.  

Venue: Phra Buddha Bata Tak Pha Temple, Pa Sang District
Remark: Pa Sang District Office Tel.


ti-8Changing the robe for Guru Ba Khao Phee

Changing the Robe for Guru Ba Khao 

Date/Time: At the beginning of March
Venue: Pa Nam Buddha Bata Temple, Lee District
Remark: Pa Pai Subdistrict Administrative Organisation



ti-7 Wiang Yong Woven Fabric Festival 

To continue the local wisdom and identity of Wiang Yong Subdistrict especially the process of weaving brocades. 

Date/Time: At the beginning of April
Venue: Public Park in Commemoration of His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday
Remark: Wiang Yong Subdistrict, Mueang District


ti-9Don Luang Cotton Festival and the Legend of Ngam Nong Nguek Festival

Activities within the festival include cotton fashion shows, Ngam Nong Ngeuk Legend Beauty Contest, Demonstrations of processes of weaving cotton. The festival is held at the beginning of April.

Date/Time: At the beginning of April
Venue: Don Luang and Nong Nguek Villages
Remark: Mae Raeng Subdistrict municipality Tel.0-5355-6732-3 ext. 21


ti-17Bathing the Buddha Image and the sculpture of Chao Po Pa Dan

Ta Gas Nuea Subdistrict Municipality together with Lamphun Province Administrative Organisation are holding the ceremony of bathing the Buddha Image and the sculpture of Chao Po Pa Dan. Chao Po Pa Dan was a great warrior of King Anantayos and King Mahanyos, sons of Queen Chammadevi.

Date/Time: At the end of April
Venue: At Chao Po Pa Dan Shrine, Mae Guem Reservoir, Tong Fai Village, Moo 1, Ta Gas Subdistrict, Mae Ta District.
Remark: Ta Gas Neau Subdistrict Municipality Tel. 0-5357-4423 Ext. 12


ti-16Bathing of the Three Gurus

Bathing Ceremony for Guru Ba Srivijaya, Guru Ba Khao Phee and Guru Ba Wong

Date/Time: April
Venue: Monuments of the Three Gurus, Lee District
Remark: Na Sai and Wang Din Subdistrict Administrative Organisations.


ti-21Bathing of the Buddha’s Footprints

The general public collectively holds the ceremony of bathing the Buddha’s footprints and the Mahathat Chedi Sriwiangchai Pagoda

Date/Time: April
Venue: Huai Tom Buddha Bata Temple
Remark: Na Sai Subdistrict


ti-22Changing the Guru’s Robes

Parade of the biggest Offerings in the world and the ceremony of changing the Guru’s robes.

Date/Time: April
Venue: Huai Tom Buddha Bata Temple
Remark: Na Sai Subdistrict and Mr.Wimol Sukdaeng



ti-5Offering Bathing Water for Hariphunchai Buddha’s relics of Lamphun Province (8th Full Moon)

The Hariphunchai Buddha’s Relics Pagoda is a very important sacred place of Lamphun Province. Hence the ceremony of offering bathing water for the relics is a big ceremony and attracts Buddhists in Lamphun and from other provinces who come and participate in the ceremony every year from the 11th waxing Moon Day to the Full Moon Day of the Sixth Lunar Month. The bathing water is to be granted by His Majesty the King along with other offerings in the ceremony. The province also brings the sacred holy water from ‘Doi Khamo (Khamo Mountain)” to the ceremony. The ceremony venue is in the east of the relics pagoda. Moreover, there are cultural performances, Sabad Chai Drum Contest during the day, Luang Drum Contest and Fon Yong and Fon Leb Traditional Dancing Contests in the evening.

Date/Time: From 11th Waxing Moon Day to the Full Moon Day of the Sixth Lunar Month
Venue: Phra That Hariphunchai Temple, Mueang Lamphun District
Remark: Lamphun Provincial Office Tel.053-511192 Ext. 28022


ti-19Obtaining Sacred Water from Doi Khamo Ceremony

The ceremony of obtaining sacred water is a tradition that has been practicing since the ancient time. The peak of Doi Khamo is a high mountain with a natural pond. In the ancient time, people thought that it was the water given by deities. They would use that water to bathe the relics of Hariphunchai. Hence the ceremony of obtaining sacred water is a tradition that has always been together with the bathing ceremony of Hariphunchai Buddha’s relics. The obtaining of water at the peak of the mountain is done, according to the local traditions, on the 12th day of the waxing moon, 3 days before the bathing ceremony of Hariphunchai Buddha’s relics. The 4 Bhramans are to go and get the water on the 12th day of the waxing moon. At the Slope Domain, a group of people will be waiting to receive the sacred water at the end of the Naga steps. The four Bhramans are to put the sacred water in jugs and will be carried down by litters and a wheeled throne. At the Slope Domain (Lan Pha Lad), monks take up alms in the morning. The late evening will be devoted to the ceremony for the sacred water which will be paraded to Phra That Hariphunchai Temple in the evening.

Date/Time: In the middle of May
Venue: Pha Lad Monastery (Doi Khamo- Bo Nam Thip) Moo 12, Ma Khua Jae Subdistrict, Mueang District
Remark: Ma Khua Jae Subdistrict Municipality Tel. 0-5350-3664


ti-18Changing the robes of Guru Ba Chaiya Wongsa Pattana

The Ceremony of Changing the Robes of Guru Ba Chaiya Wongsa Pattana is held on the memorial day of Guru Ba Chaiya Wongsa Pattana’s passing. His disciples have met and resolved that they would not cremate the body of the Guru. His body has been put a glass coffin and put in the Atthaborikan Museum within Huai Tom Phra Buddha Bata Temple so that his disciples, the Pagayo of Huai Tom and other Buddhists who respect the Guru to pay respect. Hence, every year, the ceremony of changing the robes of Guru is held. There is also a ceremony of making merits for him. This has been held since 2001 and it has been 8 years after the passing of Guru Ba Chaiya Wongsa Pattana or as known as Luang Pu Guru Ba Wong. This is another important tradition of Ban Huai Tom community.

Date/Time: Visakha Bucha Day
Venue: Huai Tom Buddha Bata Temple, Phrabat Huai Tom Village, Na Sai Subdistrict, Lee District.
Remark: Mr.Wimol Sukdaeng Tel. 080-8546905





ti-2Longan Farmers’ Day of Nong Chang Kuen Subdistrict

There are local dish contest, longan plantation contest, longan contest and longan plantation beauty contest.

Date/Time: In July
Venue: Tung Thong Market, Moo 4, Nong Chang Kuen Subdistrict
Remark: Nong Chang Kuen Subdistrict Municipality



ti-20Lamphun Longan and Fruit Festival

The festival includes; exhibiitions on longan including how to reduce costs of growing longan and having Glyphoglossus molossus and earthworms in longan plantations; distribution of cheap and fresh longan directly from farmers; exhibitions and distribution of processed longan; community products; distribution of plants and sprouts; and distribution of cheap products directly from factories. Performances on the main stage begin at 20.00 hrs. every night. There are talent shows from students and youths from Lamphun and performances from celebrities. There are also longan contest, golden dried longan contest, longan farmers’ beauty contest and longan pardade contest.

Date/Time: At the beginning of August



ti-23Festival of Offering Food by lots: Salak Pat and Salak Yom

Salak Yom is one of the lots offered in the festival of Salak Pat. However, only females may be the providers. This may only be done once similar to the ordination of a man which may be done once. Thus it has to be great and beautiful. There need to be a lot of preparations. A person doing it needs to be determined. Items that are put in Salak Yom include those of a woman such as combs, face powder, cosmetics, necklaces, rings, money, gold etc. Once these have been accepted by monks, the providers will ask for these items back. Another type of items will include items that are used for the preservation of Buddhism such as monks’ necessities. Moreover, Salak Yom is beautifully decorated and dyed with colours at the end of bamboo lots. Items that are hung on the lots need to be dyed as well to make sure that this is the greatest offering and making merits in one’s life. The festival includes performances of traditional fiddles; Salak Yom Contest; Poem Recitation Contest (Ham Ga Long); Reading of writings on lots and Salak Pat Offerings.

Date/Time: Middle of September
Venue: Lamphun Province Administrative Organisation



ti-24Long-Boat Racing at Ban Gong Temple

Long-Boat Racing as well as other forms of entertainment.

Date/Time: End of the Buddhist Lent Day
Venue: Pier behind Wat Ban Gong School
Remark: Pa Sang Subdistrict Municipality Tel. 053 – 521007 ext. 11



ti-25‘Grand Litter Parade’ Festival

There are Grand Litter contest as well as parades which are beautifully decorated with male and female deities. There are also contests for fireworks, hot-air balloons, Krathong, litter models, worshipping drums, grand drums as well as other forms of entertainment.

Date/Time: Middle of November
Venue: At the lawn in front of Ban Hong District Office, Lamphun
Remark: Ban Hong District Office Tel.0-5359-1271


ti-4Woven Fabric Festival

Demonstration of processes of weaving fabrics, exhibitions and distribution of products.

Date/Time: November
Venue: Wiang Yong Subdistrict, Mueang District
Remark: Wiang Yong Subdistrict


ti-22Kathina Ceremony: Offering of Robes to monks

Parade of the biggest offerings in the world

Date/Time: November
Venue: Huai Tom Buddha Bata Temple.
Remark: Nong Chang Kuen Subdistrict Municipality



ti-32Queen Chammadevi Festival and Lamphun’s Red Cross Fair

The province of Lamphun has this festival after the harvesting season. In the festival, there are; contests for ‘Miss Lamphun’ and ‘Miss Yong’; Exhibitions and stalls from government offices and private sector; various forms of entertainment; performances on stage as well as cultural performances such as Fon Traditional Dance and Sabad Chai Drum etc.

Date/Time: At the beginning of December
Venue: Provincial Central Stadium, Mueang Lamphun District
Remark: Lamphun Provincial Office Tel. 053511192 ext. 28022


ti-27Dairy Cow Festival

Annual Festival of Huai Yab Subdistrict.

Date/Time: Middle of December
Venue: At the lawn in front of Huai Yab Subdistrict Administrative Organisation, Ban Thi District.
Remark: Education Office of  Huai Yab Subdistrict Administrative Organisation Tel.0-5398-4159-60 ext. 12


ti-14Sri Wiang Chai Relic Pagoda Festival

To celebrate ‘Sambuddha Jayanthi’ Anniversary, 2600 years of the Buddha’s enlightenment

Date/Time: December
Venue: Sri Wiang Chai Relic Pagoda Temple, Lee District
Remark: Na Sai Subdistrict


ti-13Ping Hang and Lamphun’s Northern Sausage (Sai-Ua) Festival

The festival of Ping Hang and Lamphun’s Northern Sausage (Sai-Ua) festival is held at the Ping Hang area at U-mong Subdistrict Cultural Centre at the end of December. The festival is usually full of the people of Lamphun and tourists. There are annual longan wine-tasting and U-mong sausage (Sai-Ua) tasting. This festival is aimed at promoting processed longan products in the form of fruit wine. Thus wine tasting brings in longan wine and tasty wine from other areas in the country and abroad for you to taste and buy. There are various OTOP (One Tambol One Product) products. Other interesting activities include; Kae Curry Contest of the houseladies in Lamphun; Sausage (Sai-Ua) making Contest; Blue Flag Low Price Items as well as traditional music and live performances all night and day. The place is decorated so that tourists are able to buy Northern Sausages (Sai-Ua), other local food and enjoy traditional and local performances as well as the nature and the warmth of Lanna next to Ping Hang River.

Date/Time: End of December
Venue: Ping Hang Riverside at U-Mong Subdistrict Cultural Centre, Mueang Lamphun District.
Remark: U-mong Subdistrict Municipality Tel.0-5398-3234


ti-12Amazing Karens

Preservation of Traditions and culture of Pakakeryor Hill Tribe (Karens) which may be divided into two groups; Karen Poh and Karen Pakeryor. The festival includes Kano Boxing, Kwam Blowing Competition, Distribution of Silverwares and distribution of Karens’ woven fabrics and woven fabric contest.

Date/Time: December
Venue: Phra Bat Huai Tom Village, Lee District
Remark: Hill Tribe Development Centre


ti-11Pa Sang Festival

There are; performances of traditional fiddles and traditional instruments of the North; Performances by students; demonstration of local food cooking; Khan Tok Feasts; Vintage Beauty Contest and Pa Sang Beauty Contest. There are also fireworks and fire kites in the festival.

Date/Time: End of December
Venue: At the Handicrafts and Traditional Products Exhibition, Demonstration and Distribution Centre for the preservation of Local and Traditional Cultures.
Remark: Pa Sang Subdistrict Municipality Tel. 053 – 521007 Ext. 12